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Starfleet Studios has gone back and forth about whether to drop Star Trek and go original or to give up.
So throwing caution to the wind, we decided to go back to Star Trek fan films, even though CBS could shut us down at any time really for any reason they choose.

The guidelines are a suggestion not a rule so they can decide a particular video or group is invading their property and go after you.

ONE of the things you must try to do is not use their characters. They get twitchy about that. However, we are using some canon characters anyway. That's what making fan films is all about. However, they are not usually the main characters.

Also we use our own music and avoid using Star Trek used music.

We've made three Star Trek fan films so far and also two audio dramas and had part of three animated films:

Star Trek - His Name is Mudd
Star Trek Raven (Starship Prometheus)
Voyager Continues - Derelict
Star Trek Voyager - The Lost Episodes
STC Cataja - The Falkenhorst Chronicles (3)